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in Canada and the U.S.

Feeling cramped? Stand tall with a professionally installed Tufport Van Top

We transform Ford Econoline, Chevy Express and GMC Savana vans.
Your van interior will have up to 76 inches of headroom so you can move around inside comfortably.

Tufport offers two interior options: 

Utility Model: is for those who prefer to finish interior themselves while saving a few bucks.

Deluxe Model: is for our customers who want to drive away with a completely insulated and finished roof interior.


Our lightweight fiberglass, one-piece van tops are leak-proof and provide more storage space in your van while maintaining its aerodynamics.

All tops are expertly installed in just one day. Just bring your empty van to us in the morning and you’ll be ready to hit the road at the end of the day. We are located just 30 minutes from the Washington State border in Vancouver, Canada.


6'4" Headroom
Quick Install
Window and Vent optional


Van Top >





Fully Insulated

Interior Finish

Unfinished - ready for self finishing

High-gloss smooth gel coat finish

Standing Room

Up to 6ft 4in

Up to 6ft 4in

12 Volt Dome Light



Installation Included



Ford E-Series
Regular & Extended Length

Chevy Express/GMC Savana 

Regular & Extended Length

Starting at


Starting at



Dave, who is 6ft, has 2” of headroom. Be like Dave, stand up!

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Tufport Industries Ltd.
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Wasatch Overland
2852 S. Redwood Rd. Ste B9
West Valley City, UT
USA (Map/Directions)

Same Day Installation Service

We complete all installs in one business day. You simply drop your van off at 8:00 am and pick it up at 4:30 pm with your new van top ready to go. Choose from installation facilities in Salt Lake City, UT and Vancouver (Delta), BC.

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Once you’ve selected the van top and the options that you want, we take care of everything else. Reach out to us to make arrangements and to book an installation date.


“The process was easy, hassle free and they did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier. It has changed the use of my van and I wish I would’ve done it sooner.”

Chad Guenter

Vantop Owner Reviews


Looking for a custom interior install to go with your vantop?
Our awesome partners at Wasatch Overland (in Utah) have the full capabilities to install your vantop, and help you partially build out, modify or upgrade your existing van the way you want it!

They can install virtually any and all components used for vanlife and overlanding including:

Check out the Wasatch Overland shop, just a short roadtrip away in Salt Lake City, Utah

Contact our partner Wasatch
Overland for your customized
interior questions.


Which vans do your van tops fit?
Regular Length and Extended Length 1992 to 2014 Ford E-Series.Regular Wheel Base 1997 to Present Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana vans. We do not fit any other vans or SUVs.

Which interior option is best for me, Utility or Deluxe?
All Tufport’s van tops come standard with a high gloss white exterior gelcoat finish. We offer a choice of interior finishes. In Tufport’s Utility Finish, the inside is bare fiberglass. The surface is relatively smooth but dimpled. This interior option is for a customer who wants to finish the interior themselves. To prevent condensation, the Utility Finish must be insulated.In Tufport’s Deluxe Finish, the van top is insulated with a layer of Reflectix insulation. This is covered by a separate, one piece interior liner with a smooth, high gloss, white gelcoat finish that matches the outside. This interior option is for a customer who wants their van top finished and ready to use.With Tufport’s install, in both finishes, the ledge leftover from cutting out the roof is left unfinished

Can solar panels be added to the roof?
Yes, all of our van tops have some wood reinforcing in the ceiling. Let us know what your plans are so we can add more if needed.

Can I install the top myself? Can you ship them directly to me?
No, you cannot install the van top yourself. It must be installed by Tufport or Wasatch Overland. We do not ship van tops because their size makes it expensive, and they are vulnerable to damage.

Can cabinets be mounted?
Yes, but we recommend our wood reinforcing option.

What do I have to do to prep the van for install?
Any roof racks or other accessories must be removed from the roof. As much of the interior as possible needs to be removed to give us space to work. If you have a passenger van, the rear seats and rear headliner must be removed.

Can a roof rack be installed?
Yes, but we recommend loading no more 200 lbs. on it. Use a roof rack for kayaks, surfboards, solar panels, etc.


Where is the optional vent installed?
Our standard location is just ahead of the step, approximately ⅓ back from the front of the van. This location keeps the overall height as low as possible.

What is the height of the front lower section ahead of the step?
The front section is just over 72”. Only the rear taller section is 76”.

Where is the LED dome light mounted? And can I add more?
The dome light is mounted just behind the step, which is approximately in the middle of the van top. Additional dome lights can be mounted just about anywhere.

Where can the optional windows be installed?
The windows can be mounted in the middle of the van or almost all the way to the back. They can not be mounted closer to the front because the van top is too curved.

Does any of the original van roof remain after the install?
For all installations we leave the front section above the two front seats intact.

Can you leave more of the metal roof in place?
No, for our install we cut the roof all the way to the back.

Who is Wasatch Overland?
Wasatch Overland is an authorized Tufport van top installer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since they are a separate entity from Tufport, customers must contact them for pricing and availability. 

Why are Wasatch Overland prices different?
Wasatch Overland’s pricing includes the cost of crating to prepare the tops for shipping, the freight for the van tops from Tufport to Wasatch, and the brokerage to get through the border. It also includes Utah’s 7.75% sales tax. 


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