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This is why we do what we do


As you could imagine, cutting a giant hole in your beloved van for a High Top is an intimidating thought. While there isn’t a ton of options in Canada for this to be done professionally, the choice was obvious.

Tufport is a family owned business and it’s clear they are good at what they do and they enjoy Doing it. They put up with all my questions and concerns leading up to the install.

The process was easy, hassle free and they did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier. It has changed the use of my van and I wish I would’ve done it sooner.

My van doesn’t drive any different than before (a concern prior to) with the added height and the gas mileage difference is honestly negligible.

The new functionality of the van is what I was after and going with the added cost of  matching the color is worth it (in my opinion) if your van is anything but white in color.

Confident in the work they do (installed in one day!!), they walked me through it all, great customer service and all of that made the process so much easier.

If I build another van, one of the first things I’ll do is another top from Tufport!

Chad Guenter

I highly recommend Tufport. This family run business is great to work with and the van top they put on looks excellent!

– Chris Doornbos

10/10 overall experience. Extremely satisfied and very appreciative that there is such a wonderful company that offers such an amazing Canadian product that definitely will change the way we travel and camp. Thank you so much!

– Chrissi and Bob

Trina and I are extremely happy with Tufport’s product and service. We needed a rugged top for off road use with our Chevy Express Quigley 4×4 camper conversion project. Great people and a very durable product.

– Trina and Keith Hollett

What a game changer. I contemplated this for years and glad I finally talked myself into it. Tufport Industries in Vancouver did an amazing job and their customer service was some of the best I’ve had. Friendly, professional and efficient.

– Chad

I am extremely pleased with Tufport and the highroof install on my 2014 Ford E-350 van.

From the first phone call to completing the install, there was never anything left to chance or doubt. The installers who worked on my van were likewise personable, professional, and welcomed my questions. All expectations were set and communicated in writing with transparency and professionalism at every step along the way, all with the pride of a great family run business, that made working with Tufport a pleasure.

There is no substitute for having the experience of manufacturing and installing thousands of hightops over the last 40 years at Tufport. A great track record adds value to the process. Tufport has seen and done it all. 

Since my install, I’ve been singing the praises of Tufport to other van owners without reservation and would recommend Tufport to any van owner looking to expand the usability and enjoyment of their van.  Well done Tufport!



“I bought this unit in 1997 and it has been on 3 trucks now and is still in good shape after all these years.”

– Randy Pearson, Orica Canada

Toughest I’ve ever had and I’ve had all sorts of campers.  No leaks!


My unit has been awesome.  A few bugs over 20 years but I can’t complain.

-Larry S

It’s surpassed our expectations.  You’re there when we call, the service is great.  We spent 3 1/2 months boondocking in Arizona and Utah.  We never stay anywhere else!

-Tom and Sharon


It’s a slide-in unit, I can unbolt it, buy a new vehicle and put it right into that vehicle with 4 bolts. It’s very user-friendly and in a matter of a 30mins I’ve converted it from a work truck to a camping vehicle, it’s very versatile, and you can outfit it the way you want. Ron Derksen, Wiresmart  Thanks for a great product. I thought at the time it was a lot of money—but now I believe it was one of my best buys ever. Thanks to all of you at Horizon Fibermold. 

– Dennis Baitz, President, The Door Pro


It’s been one year since I’ve had my Tufport slide-in for my truck. I have fitted a folding bed which is removable. The canopy/camper has proved to be great for our fishing and hunting trips as all other equipment can be stored under the bed. I’d also like to mention that your service has been excellent. Thanks. Jim Stone, New Westminster, BC  I get pulled over all the time with people asking me where I got it.  I would recommend Tufport canopies to anyone.

– Ervin




On April 24th, 2010, a medic with CALA was driving home from a nightshift on Hwy 881 from Fort McMurrary to Lac La Biche, Northern Alberta. She is an experienced driver with formal driver training (NAPD) and was no stranger to the icy and slushy road conditions that occurred that night. To avoid a deer on the road, the driver braked and swerved. The truck slid off the road into a ditch and then went up the embankment before completely rolling over and coming to rest on the driver side of the truck. The one- ton truck was a write-off. The Tufport Medical MTC had only sustained a few minor cracks in the overcab portion of the unit. In fact, the overcab on the MTC prevented the truck cab from being crushed, potentially saving the life of the driver inside the truck at the time of the accident. Additionally, the overcab prevented the windshield from breaking protecting the driver from broken glass. The interior of the MTC did not sustain any damage. Colleen Wiebe is the owner of CALA Environment, Safety and Wellness, located in Lac La Biche. Her industrial medical fleet consists of 16 Tufport Medical MTC’s. She purchased her first MTC in 2005 and has never looked back. “This accident has demonstrated that the Tufport Medical MTC is the toughest. It is able to withstand a complete rollover and still remain completely intact with little damage and is a testament to the quality of the unit.

– Colleen Wiebe, CALA Environment, Safety and Wellness

I have been using the Tufport™ Mobile Treatment Center (MTC) since day one of my company. It is hard to believe that 11 years have flown by. I have always thought that you should buy the best quality to give your business and customers the maximum potential. The Tufport MTC is a superior unit and has enabled me to build a strong reputable company. The fiberglass unit is used as an industrial ambulance in the oil patch. The units hold up very well in the north. They have stood up well on bump treacherous roads, extreme weather conditions, and the odd accident. Never to have wrecked the integrity of the unit. They are light weight, easy to clean and never show their age. In the ever changing medical industry, Tufport™ has always kept one step ahead with their product and new regulations. They have always been interested in how the MTC is working for me and have used suggestion to improve and tailor for oil patch needs. The units always out last the trucks. They are easy to transfer and always look good on a Chevrolet. (preferably burgundy). I highly recommend them not only for their product, but also for their customer service. 

– Tania Marshall, Koala-“T” First Aid Service Inc.  

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the well built product.  The strength and design of your units saved major injuries or possibly a life of one of our medics. The truck rolled 3 times off a cliff.

-Jaret J., Pro Care Enterprises Ltd.


Easily mounted on any full size pickup, the FIST tree planting equipment unit is versatile. It is trailerable, and can be fitted for helicopter lifts to remote areas. The large capacity of 20,000 boxed seedlings—a day’s work for your tree planting crew—means fewer field caches. Rubber floor mats protect from slips/falls and spiked boots. And, when it’s not carrying seedlings, the FIST easily transports camp equipment and tree planting supplies. “The fist canopy is now the standard seedling transportation unit for planting crews across BC. It consolidates seedlings and planting crews, and reduces stock handling, thereby minimizing the need for seedling caches and freeing the crew boss to focus more on planting quality. The resulting operational advantages are reduced planting cost, with improved stock handling and seedling growth.”

– Dirk Brinkman, Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd.

We found Tufport through the Western Forestry Contactors’ Association (WFCA). We decided to buy from Tufport because the FISTs are the best product on the market because of their durability and efficiency.  When our customers see that we use Tufport’s FISTs, they know their trees are going to have a much higher survival rate compared to other methods of transporting seedlings. We’ve bought 7 Tufport FIST units over last 10 years and I estimate we have planted 4 or 5 million trees in that time. Our relationship with Tufport is a 10 out of 10. Tufport has great customer support and service.  They accommodates our needs very well and they are always ready to help us out when we need it.    I would recommend Tufport FISTs because they are the best in the industry.  

– Francois Sauvé, Leader Silviculture