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A Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center (MTC) mounted on a four wheel drive vehicle is your answer for providing emergency transportation and a first aid room for a worksite, rural area, or urban area.

Why settle for an expensive ambulance that can’t traverse challenging conditions when you can have a cutting-edge Tufport MTC?

Workplace safety standards have evolved, and so have our units. Since Tufport’s first Industrial Ambulance, every detail of the Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center has been engineered with the benefit of industry-leading experience. Our practical and comprehensive list of standard features has been developed through years of feedback from loyal customers.

Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Centers have been tested in the field and are built for emergency situations. When mounted in the bed of a four wheel drive capable truck a Tufport slide-in MTC is safe on everything from a poorly maintained mud road to a multi-lane highway.

Tufport MTC’s meet or exceed vehicle safety standards, the Canadian Motor Vehicle and Safety Standards in Canada and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the USA.

Learn more about our Safety Standards
6'4" Headroom













(8’ 3”)





1200 lbs.

(544 kg.)


“The Tufport Medical MTC is the toughest. It was able to withstand a complete rollover and still remain completely intact with little damage and is a testament to the quality of the unit.”

Colleen Wiebe
CALA Environment, Safety and Wellness

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Every Tufport MTC comes ready to perform


There’s plenty of ways to customize your Tufport MTC, but here’s some of our most popular options.

Brophy Jacks – Watch Video >

Freestanding jacks with tripod base making removing slide-in units simple. Capacity 2,000 lbs (set of 2), disassembles to 3 pieces each.

Frame Mount Installation Bracket Kit

This is the only acceptable way to bolt your first aid unit to your truck frame/chassis (qty 4).

Kalori 12V Air Conditioner

Complete with aluminum guards

Ambulance roll cot for Ferno or Stryker litter restraint systems

Upgrade to Dual Fan Heater

Heater 120V – wall mounted

Dual D/E oxygen cylinder holder

Insulate heater hoses

Install cargo net in overcab extension

First Aid Equipment – Dressing Station or First Aid Room

Additional Overhead Storage Cabinet: 49″L x 9″D x 11″H

Window boot


The side-load compression test is just one of 32 tests that the Tufport MTC has undergone to comply with government set North American safety standards.

Relying on old technology isn’t worth the gamble. In the same way automotive safety features have evolved, MTCs must continue to incorporate new technologies to keep people safe in the field and on our roads.

Tufport is the only proactive company in the MTC industry pushing safety thresholds higher through independent testing that goes beyond the status quo.

All ambulances produced in North America must meet specific structural strength requirements designed to protect patients and staff in the event of a roll-over. Tufport MTCs exceed even the most stringent Canadian requirements — currently the province of Alberta’s standard — for side load compression.

We prioritized this test as most accidents involving MTCs result in the vehicle landing on its side. During our side compression tests, loads were applied with hydraulic cylinders. Our MTC needed to support 125% of an unloaded vehicle’s weight, for 10 seconds. We used the heaviest pickup truck on the market as our standard, easily passing the test with no damage to our unit.

But that wasn’t good enough. We wanted to go further. Tufport’s innovative MTC is setting the standard by supporting an unprecedented load of 13,680lbs (9,124 kgs) in testing performed by a licensed, qualified, third party engineer.

Roof structural strength test set up

Side load compression test set up


Does cab size or engine matter?

The cab size or the engine does not affect the function of the MTC.

Do you make a 6’6” short box unit?

We do not offer a 6’6” short box unit since the stretchers are nearly 7’ and would not fit.

Can I put an MTC in a ½ ton, (1500) truck?

We do not recommend installing an MTC into a 1/2 ton since most do not have the weight capacity. The unit itself is 1200lbs and with a driver, a patient, an attendant, and the medical equipment it can be over 2000lbs. Some 1/2 ton trucks can be ordered with suspension upgrades to carry this much weight, but most cannot.

Can I put an 8’ MTC into a 6’6” short box truck?

No, you cannot put a standard MTC in a short box truck. Too much of the MTC would be unsupported and it would not comply with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS).

How do I prevent the water system from freezing?

To prevent damage from freezing the water system should be drained. This is done by opening the drain valve on the heat exchanger that is under the high bench. Access to this valve is though a round hole in the face of the high bench. After the valve is open, it is prudent to take the water intake line out of the water and turn on the water pump for 20 seconds. Sucking air helps get any remaining water out of the pump.

Alternatively, you can fill the system with an antifreeze meant for RV/camper water system.

Why must I mount the MTC using Tufport’s frame mount system?

Tufport’s frame mount system has been tested to comply with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). Any different mounting method or alterations to Tufport’s would not be compliant. Anyone who does not us the frame mount system would be liable for any injury or damage caused by an improper method.

How much oxygen do I need to carry?

Tufport recommends checking with the appropriate health authority to confirm. However, you generally need to be able to supply the patient with oxygen for the entire length of the travel time.

Does Tufport offer an M or other large sized tank holder?

Tufport only offers a tank holder for D and E sized tanks as these are the most popular sizes.

What is the Ambulance Cot MTC? And is it suitable for me?

The Ambulance Cot MTC is an alternative layout to the standard two bench MTC. In this version we remove the driver side bench and replace it with an ambulance style cot fastening system. This allows the MTC to carry one Ferno or Stryker cot and one patient in stretcher on the passenger side bench.

The vast majority of our customers use the standard MTC since they are operating in remote conditions on rough ground. This rough ground prevents the use of an ambulance style cot. However, If you are operating on good ground, then it might be worth considering. The cot can make patient handling much easier.