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Use it for work during the week.
Take it off-road camping on the weekend.

Want to get the most out of your full or mid-sized pickup—put a Tufport in the box. Moulded out of high-strength fibreglass, every Tufport is extremely durable yet surprisingly lightweight. That means you can haul more without having to worry about overloading your suspension or burning extra fuel.

Fits all Full-Size and most Mid-Size Trucks.

Every Tufport comes ready to perform

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You’ll love our doors

It’s not often that you hear people bragging about their
doors, but our doors really are spectacular. These are
not some flimsy camper doors—these are industrial
grade doors that feature the following:






Model Name >





Truck Box Length

8 ft

 8 ft

6 ft Mid-Size or 6.5 ft Full-Size

6 ft

Slide-in Length





Exterior Height





Interior Height





Interior Width





Door Height





Door Width

60/40 Double
Doors (49”)
Single (32")

60/40 Double
Doors (49”)
Single (32")

Single (30”)

Single (32”)


750 lbs

650 lbs

600 lbs

550 lbs


329 cu. ft

262 cu. ft

233 cu. ft

149 cu. ft.


$13,495 CAD

$12,395 CAD

$12,995 CAD

$9,495 CAD



There’s plenty of ways to customize your Tufport, but here’s some of our most popular options.

Front window cab slider

Side windows with screens

Additional dome lights

Heavy duty roof rack

Dual 12V outlet

120V AC port plug with interior extension cord

Standard Aluminum Roof Vent

Standard Aluminum Roof Vent

60/40 Double Doors (49” wide) available only on T76 and T62

Interior lining and insulation (T76 only)


Roof vent with fan

Upgraded Sidewall Reinforcing

Stair hitch receiver

Roof access steps

Stainless steel steps that fold when not in use

Access Ports

Installed in your wheel wells for access to your truck box


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“It’s a slide-in unit, I can unbolt it, buy a new vehicle and put it right into that vehicle with 4 bolts. It’s very user-friendly and in a matter of a 30mins I’ve converted it from a work truck to a camping vehicle, it’s very versatile, and you can outfit it the way you want.”

Ron Derksen / Wiresmart

“It’s been one year since I’ve had my Tufport slide-in for my truck. I have fitted a folding bed which is removable. The canopy/camper has proved to be great for our fishing and hunting trips as all other equipment can be stored under the bed. I’d also like to mention that your service has been excellent. Thanks.”

Jim Stone / New Westminster, BC

“Thanks for a great product. I
thought at the time it was a lot of
money—but now I believe it was
one of my best buys ever. Thanks to
all of you at Tufport.”

Dennis Baitz / President, The Door Pro

“I bought this unit in 1997 and it has been on 3 trucks now and is still in good shape after all these years.”


Randy Pearson / Orica, Canada

“My unit has been awesome. A few bugs over 20 years but I can’t complain.”

Larry S.

“It’s surpassed our expectations. You’re there when we call, the service is great. We spent 3 ½ months boondocking in Arizona and Utah. We never stay anywhere else!”

Tom and Sharon


How are the Slide-in units secured to the truck? What is Tufport’s Crossmember mounting system?
For almost all trucks, we secure the unit to the truck’s structural crossmembers under the truck box. We bolt through the floor of the unit, through the floor of the truck box and into the cross member. We use one bolt in each corner for a total of four. This requires drilling four holes through the floor of the truck box.

Why would I choose the T76 instead of the T62/T65?
The T76 is designed for customers that expect to spend a significant time inside the unit standing up. Or, for customers who need the extra space of the significantly larger overcab. The T62 and T65 is high enough to move around in without being on your hands and knees like a canopy. It’s nearly the same amount of storage as a T76, but has a smaller impact on the trucks handling and fuel economy. The T65 also looks better on most trucks, particularly 6’6” short box trucks.

Why would I choose the T65 instead of a T55?
While these models are similar in height, the T65 is 74″ wide whereas the T55 is 5’ wide. We recommend the T65 if you need to maximize the amount of space for gear, or if you want to sleep in it. Since it is 74″ wide, you can sleep across the front, while leaving the rear open.

What kind of shelving options do you offer?
We don’t have standard packages but we can install common types such as Weather guard. We can also get custom shelving and work surfaces made for your unit.

Can I put an 8’ unit in a 6’6” truck?
It is possible to put an 8’ unit in a 6’6” truck. It is recommended to set the rear of the unit on the tailgate to support it. You will have to put a shim underneath the unit in the truck box. This is because the tailgates are not level with the rest of the box. It is not recommended to use the unit without it resting on the tailgate. Too much of the unit would be unsupported. This is especially true for the 60/40 door system because of its bigger opening. We recommend a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck

Can I make the unit larger or substantially different? Or even some of it like the overcab or doors?
Since the units are made from molds it is cost prohibitive to make substantial changes to the shape or size. This is also true for parts of the unit like the overcab or doors.

How much weight can I put in the overcab?
We recommend no more than 200lbs for the T55, T65 and T62 and no more than 300lbs for T76.


Can I get a 6’6” short box T76?
We can make a 6’6” T76 but there is an additional charge. While there is nothing functionally wrong with a T76 on a short-box truck, it does look a little large. For customers with a short-box truck we recommend the T65.

Why are the units longer than the truck box?
The units are made a few inches longer than the truck box to be approximately even with the truck’s taillights. This looks the best and offers a bit more interior room. For an 8’ unit this allows 8’ materials to fit inside.

What options do you offer for heat?
Currently we only offer heaters that run off the truck’s coolant system. This means the truck has to be running for the heater to produce heat. We do not offer propane heaters since we do not have the credentials to install them.

How can I attach items to the inside?
Every unit does include some wood reinforcing that you can screw into. We also offer a package called Side-wall Reinforcing that adds more in an evenly spaced layout. This can be customized if needed.

Are Tufports available in black or other colors?
Yes, we may be able to arrange for paint or custom graphics. Please contact us for more details.

Why do you only use two jacks to remove the unit instead of four?
The jacks we sell are meant for campers which is why they’re rated for 3000lbs. This is much heavier than our units. Also, our units are roughly even with the sides of the truck box whereas most campers are much wider. This means campers can have poles on the front without having to worry about hitting the truck. Standard corner jacks on our unit would hit the sides of the truck box. It is possible to get a bracket to extend the jacks away from the trucks, but this complicated and expensive.

Can I sleep in the overcab?
The overcab in the T55 unit is not tall enough to sleep in. It is strictly meant for storage. The T76 and T65 overcabs are large enough for one adult but it would be snug. Instead we recommend putting your bed at the front of the unit, just above the top of the truck box.

Will you make a unit for Mid-size trucks that is tall enough to stand up in?
Currently we have no plans to produce a unit in this configuration. We feel the negative effects on aerodynamics and handling for a mid-size truck would be substantial.


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