When you think of a medical mobile treatment center, you probably think of an ambulance first. Emergency medical vehicles are one way to transport injured workers or event attendees, but a medical mobile treatment center offers even more than transportation. With the appropriately equipped truck slide-in, a four-wheel drive pick-up truck can be transformed into a first aid station that is not only mobile but can handle rough terrain and unpaved roads. There are many benefits of a medical mobile treatment center, because they do more jobs than any other medical vehicle.

The Importance of Convenience

Mobile medical treatment centers that use a high quality truck slide-in addition are sturdy, secure, and versatile. A first aid attendant and two patients can fit in the back, even during transport. And unlike many first aid tents, they can be outfitted with a sink and running water and they can be driven to and from remote locations. The benefits of being able to use a first aid station that can also serve as transport are pretty obvious. Anything that adds to the convenience of first aid providers adds to the effectiveness of the services they provide.

High Safety Standards

The best truck slide-in units meet national and international safety standards so that they can be used as the first aid unit on a job site or at an event. In addition, a truck slide-in medical mobile treatment center is more secure and safe, even in a rollover accident. Tough and high quality struck slide-ins are made of fiberglass, which protects occupants in the event of an accident.

The Ideal Medical Vehicle

A four-wheel drive pick-up truck combined with an industrial truck-slide in can be the ideal emergency medical vehicle. They are a vehicle that can deal with all manner of roads and they make more remote locations accessible. But they’re just as useful and provide the same convenience in urban settings. With enough space to serve as a medical station for events, a truck slide-in is surprisingly versatile and comfortable.

Tufport fibreglass mobile medical treatment center truck slide-ins are recognized in both Canada and the United States for their high safety standards. If you’re looking for the convenience of a safety station and medical transportation, check out the specs and features of Tufport medical mobile treatment center truck slide-ins.

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