Rescue vehicles are specialty vehicles designed to provide access to specialized equipment necessary in a variety of emergency and rescue situations.

Examples of situations in Canada that require rescue vehicles are:
1)    Traffic collisions requiring extraction.
2)    Building collapses.
3)    Confined space rescue.
4)    Rope rescues.
5)    Swift water rescues.
6)    Firefighting equipment.
7)    Emergency medical equipment.

Types of Rescue Vehicles

Depending on the type of rescue vehicle special equipment including: jaws of life, wooden cribbing, generators, winches, hi-lift jacks, cutting torches, circular saws and/or other forms of equipment unavailable on standard trucks.  Generally these rescue vehicles do not carry on-board water tanks and pumping gear because of their specialized role.

Light, Medium, Heavy, or Technical – When to Use What?

Rescue vehicles, depending on their size, fall into different categories including; light, medium, heavy, or technical.  Each of these rescue vehicle categories have overlapping capabilities but are often categorized differently in order to be dispatched on certain kinds of rescue incidents.  For example, if a town operates medium and heavy rescue apparatus vehicles categorized based on equipment carried, then the trucks may be referred to by different names to avoid confusion when dispatching the variously equipped vehicles.

This differentiation exists to allow vehicles that would normally be classified as medium rescues, such as certain rescue engines, or tower/ladder trucks to be dispatched on calls requiring a higher level of technical rescue than a regular rescue vehicle could handle.  This strategy leaves the heavy rescue apparatus available because they were not sent on a call able to be handled by a medium rescue.

Rescue vehicles in Canada range from emergency vehicles, rescue trucks, aerial fire trucks, rescue pumpers and custom fire apparatus to armoured police vehicles.  Whether it’s a field fire and rescue call, an extraction call requiring medical assistance or any other type of rescue in Canada, a Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Centre can be outfitted to perfom the job.

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