The Versatility of Slide-Ins


Tufport slide-ins work on any full-size pickup truck. Just think of what you can do with it.

  • Camping / Fishing
  • Recreational outdoor vacations
  • Mobile treatment centers
  • Concrete or saw-cutting business
  • Hauling produce or any refrigerated items
  • Logging operations
  • 4-wheel drive vehicles
  • Kayaking
  • Snowmobiling

Slide-in units are lightweight and durable in all kinds of weather conditions. That’s because each unit is manufactured to surpass the industry’s most rigorous engineering standards. Anything you throw at a slide-in is withstood with little or no damage to the unit.

Another great option for a Tufport slide-in is for emergency medical transport. Most standard ambulances have trouble negotiating rough road conditions; not so with a slide-in installed on your pickup, you’re ready for anything.

In many places people rely on these types of transport for their medical and medication needs. If you are in a rural, rugged area, do like so many other municipalities across the country; rely on a Tufport Mobile Treatment Center to keep your citizens safe.

Now, you don’t have to dream about those wilderness vacations any longer; with a slide-in by Tufport, you can haul yourself and all of your equipment anywhere you choose to go.

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