Tufport slide-in units are the ultimate modular solution for a multifunctional vehicle. The modern working environment requires flexibility – particularly for small businesses, or people with more than one string to their bow. Imagine a family – they run a small horse farm, have a gardening business, do ornamental tile-work and like to go camping.  

Sometimes the truck just needs to be a truck, transporting hay, or garden waste. Sometimes the ‘gardening’ truck canopy is fitted, complete with tools, a winch, and shelving. Due to the excellent security features of the slide-in units, the equipment will be safe. When the tile-work commercial canopy is in use, it can be relied on to keep mortars and pigments dry and out of the sun. Then there’s the camper slide-in for family holidays – perhaps picked up cheaply in a pre-loved truck canopy sale. If the truck breaks down – the canopies are still fully functional and can be fitted to a new vehicle. Custom jacks make changing the canopy easy and these units are solid, safe and durable – so there is no reason they shouldn’t last a lifetime. Now all this family needs is an extension with a horse box fitting! These various modules can be sold if necessary – or a second vehicle acquired. The effect is maximum flexibility at low cost. 

Small communities can also have municipal vehicles that are ‘Swiss army knives’. Transport of those requiring medical attention, or a mobile pharmacy, work maintaining public spaces, and even a mobile library, could all happen on the back of one or two vehicles. 

The advantages of this modular approach are many: the maintenance, taxation, and insurance costs of the extra vehicles are eliminated. The outlay for specialised vehicles can be massive – particularly for businesses and small communities: there is simply no comparison between specialised vans and commercial truck caps or slide-in units.

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