Many Canadians take access to healthcare services for granted. If you are in a city, town, or other populated area, and need an ambulance, it’s relatively easy to get the services you need with a quick phone call or text. But if you are in a remote or isolated area, what happens if you need medical attention in an emergency?

Off-road ambulances provide valuable services in Canada for people in this situation. Where a regular road ambulance can’t drive, and an air ambulance can’t land, or medical services are otherwise too prohibitive, an off-road ambulance can fill in the gaps and ensure all Canadians have access to the medical services they need.

What kinds of places would you find an off-road ambulance in Canada? Think about workers at places like remote mines, forestry camps, or other natural resources companies. Often times, these staff members are dropped off by plane, train, or arrive to their destination after a long hike. This is fine, for leisurely drop-offs and pick-ups, but what if they need medical attention? Many far-flung companies are using off-road ambulances on site, to attend to crew members who need medical attention. On a large site, an off-road ambulance may be used to pick up an injured or ill worker and transport him or her to an on-site medical treatment centre.

Off-road ambulances are also great for isolated communities, whether they act as a mobile medical treatment centre, a way to ferry a patient to a hospital, or a method of transportation from an isolated area to a medical evacuation flight.

Off-road ambulances extend emergency medical coverage to all areas of the country, ensuring health and wellness for every Canadian no matter where they are.

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