Truck owners have the advantage over other vehicle owners. They know how practical and useful their trucks can be, in hauling or storing just about anything. There just doesn’t seem to be anything they can’t do.

If you’re looking for a great way to enhance the value of your commercial truck, a cap or slide-in unit is the perfect remedy.

At Tufport, you have the option of choosing a commercial truck cap for your vehicle. Remember, not all caps or slide-in units are the same. Whichever one you do decide on, whether for work or play, you have the advantage of knowing that a Tufport cap is built to last. 

How do you decide which cap or slide-in unit is for you? Consider this: 

The Tufport Utility for work. Whether you work as a carpenter, plumber, repairman, or technician there is a slide-in unit to fit your needs.

The Tufport Adventure slide-in unit is perfect for those weekends or vacations. Camping, fishing, snowmobiling; this cap will fit in with your active lifestyle.

Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center or MTC, is what more and more areas across North America are relying on, because they get the job done where others fail.

The FIST (fiberglass insulated seedling transport) canopy is a climate-controlled unit perfect for farmers, gardeners and planters.

Tufport Van Conversion roofs are the perfect choice for those who don’t want the added expense of a new vehicle. If you’re looking for additional comfort for those road trips, this is for you.

All Tufport products are manufactured with our Fibermold Technology™ which ensures that your commercial truck cap or slide-in will last for years. Whatever you need one for, there’s a Tufport waiting for you.

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