Think you need a separate vehicle for all of your wilderness adventures? Think again! The Tufport Utility Adventure Slide-In takes your everyday truck and turns it into the perfect outdoor adventure vehicle, offering you all of the conveniences and perks of a ready-made vehicle at a fraction of the cost, when compared to buying a brand new vehicle just for outdoor escapades.

If you have a four-wheel drive truck, the Tufport Utility Adventure Slide-In is an instant solution to your outdoor vehicle needs. This fibreglass slide-in is lightweight and easy to install, outfitted with a roof rack, interior lighting, ventilation, and built-in storage. You’ll be able to bring your bike or boat along on every trip, stash your fishing gear or camping supplies, and know that everything is secure.

This slide-in unit maximizes space, extending over the cab of your truck to give you the most room possible. Even though it boasts tons of room for all of your outdoor gear, it does not trash your fuel efficiency as it’s built to be aerodynamic.

Instead of buying a purpose-built vehicle for your hunting, snowmobiling, camping, or climbing adventures, turn your truck into the best vehicle for you. Even if you switch trucks in the future, your Tufport Utility Adventure Slide-In can be removed and fit into the next vehicle, meaning your investment goes along with you giving you the best value for your purchase. These units are built to last for a long time to come, so you’ll never have to worry about the reliability of your slide-in.

The Tufport Utility Adventure Slide-In is sure to be your favourite piece of outdoor gear.  Treat yourself to the utmost in adventure options and see how Tufport can turn your open-air fun up a notch or two.

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