While some emergency medical services in Canada can still rely on an ambulance, more and more are realizing that ambulances have some dangerous limitations. First responders throughout Canada are switching to mobile medical treatment centres (MTC). These vehicles make it easier to reach people in need no matter where they are, which means they make it easier to save lives.

They Can Reach Anyone, Anywhere 

Ambulances have trouble navigating in extreme weather conditions, and they have difficulty reaching remote areas. Every second counts with emergency medical care, which is one reason why so many medical teams have switched to mobile medical treatment centres. Any standard truck can be outfitted with a medical mobile treatment centre, meaning emergency medical teams can use all terrain vehicles for emergency transport vehicles. These vehicles are more dependable in bad weather.

You Change Out Trucks When Needed 

If an ambulance goes in the shop, the entire operation can come to a halt. The same is not true for teams that use mobile medical treatment centres. These treatments centres are attached with universal bolts so they can be moved from one vehicle to the next. That way, an operation is never shut down due to a faulty engine or problems with the brakes.

They Are Cost Effective 

Ambulances are incredibly expensive to own and operate. On the other hand, medical mobile treatment centres are affordable. They aren’t just affordable to purchase, either. They’re affordable to maintain. In addition, they can withstand rollovers so you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs if an accident occurs.

Whenever you are part of an emergency medical service team, people depend on you. An emergency transport vehicle such as a Tufport Mobile Medical Treatment Centre will help you reach your patients all over Canada, ensuring that you and your patients are safe and secure.

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