There are few things more fun than heading to the backcountry for a much anticipated event or festival. Concerts, athletic events, large scale camping expeditions, and other remote festivities combine the beauty of untouched nature with fun and friends.

There is one problem with this scenario, however. The far flung splendour of the backcountry means festival goers are fairly isolated from medical attention and first aid care in the case of an emergency. Hospitals are far away from backcountry events, and although there are usually protocols in place to evacuate an injured or ill person out of the wilderness, every second is crucial when dealing with medical trauma.

Emergency and first aid transport vehicles, built and equipped for backcountry use, are crucial in keeping remote events safe for everyone. A mobile medical treatment centre can be mounted right into the bed of a four wheel drive vehicle, keeping medical attendants and patients protected from the elements and rollover accidents.

With a mobile medical treatment centre, a basic four wheel drive truck can turn into an emergency and first aid transport vehicle, filling both functions at once. The slide in unit can be used as a first aid treatment room, but it is also capable of containing workers and patients on the move, making it equally capable as an ambulance.

Medical features like water hookups, bright lighting, and dust reducing ventilation systems make emergency and first aid transport vehicles safe and secure, no matter how far into the backcountry medical attendants must travel.

Backcountry events are made for fun, but safety should not be forgotten. Equip your next festival or event with a mobile medical treatment centre and know that everyone in attendance will have access to the utmost in care.


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