If you are trying to extend the usage of your pickup truck, you should consider a fiberglass truck slide-in unit rather than a traditional truck canopy. Why? Fiberglass truck slide-in units are more durable and versatile, giving you more bang for your buck.

Simple to Use

Slide-in units are built as all one piece, designed to fit over any pickup truck whether you have a short box or long box truck. Because of their construction they are able to be used and reused on numerous vehicles, so if you buy a new vehicle or your company trades one truck for another, the slide-in unit can move along with you.

Specialty Trade Convenience

Fiberglass truck slide-in units turn your regular pickup into a vehicle made just for carpentry, making deliveries, trades work, transporting sports gear, mobile medical care, refrigerated plant transport, camping — nearly any purpose, for work or for fun, that you can think of.

Stronger and Cleaner

Because slide-in units are made of fiberglass they are heat resistant, and strong enough to withstand punctures, tears, and moisture. They will remain clean and dry while keeping the pickup underneath free of damage.


These slide-in units are far roomier than traditional canopies, offering you more space for storage, sleeping, or working. In fact, the space offered by fiberglass truck slide-in units allows you to use your truck in many ways, from a portable workshop, a mobile medical unit to a home away from home if you are on a truck camping adventure.

Certain Security

Fiberglass truck slide-in units are usually constructed to be more secure than traditional canopies, allowing you to lock up all of your valuables inside the unit without concern.


Slide-in units can be upgraded with add-ons like interior lighting, refrigeration, roof racks, or power outlets, giving you even more flexibility.

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