Industrial truck canopies are the most versatile option for increasing the functionality of a truck, no matter your needs. Here are the 10 reasons that people choose custom truck canopies. 

1. Custom Fit

Customizable to any truck, your canopy can be built any way you like for any purpose, whether it’s utility, climate control, medical, commercial, or sports and recreation.

2. Style

A gel coat on your canopy ensures a beautiful shiny surface, not unlike marine coating, which protects the surface from fading, oxidation, and osmosis. You’ll look good, and your industrial truck canopy will look that way for a very long  time.

3. Portability

At a moment’s notice, be on the road with everything needed and no reason for pause.

4. Durability

Industrial fiberglass truck canopies are built to last, designed for any weight capacity to hold virtually any type of equipment, as well as resistant to fire, mildew, mould, and condensation.

5. Protection

Keep accessories, tools, and equipment safe from the elements, including with optional climate control features and systems to keep items in their restraints and locked down in case of accidents or even rollovers.

6. Added Security

The best possible lockout systems and top of the line hardware will resist any tampering thieves and prying crowbars.

7. Performance

Thousands of miles of bumpy roads and gusts over 60 mph are nothing for these industrial truck canopies. They are built for use and abuse, including safety during a rollover, and  made to get the job done no matter how near or far.

8. Enhanced Organization

A place for everything and everything in its place will be your new mantra. There’ll be no more rummaging around trying to locate items for the task at hand.

9. Productivity

When time is of the essence and larger vehicles can’t get to more complicated terrain, you will be the first one on the scene in your truck and industrial canopy.

10. Cost Effective

Since you are most likely utilizing an existing truck, your industrial truck canopy can be the perfect investment at a great price. It saves you from having to buy an expensive specialty vehicle and gets the job done just as effectively.

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