It is a fact that people are going to work and enjoy recreational activities in increasingly remote locations in Canada. It is also a fact that infrastructure is slow to catch up to other types of development. If and when accidents occur, it can be difficult to get people quickly out of remote areas over poor roads. Tufport’s Industrial Canopies for trucks are the only solution of their kind to this problem. With Tufport you can turn a truck into an off-road ambulance. Its universal fit bolts easily into the bed of any full-sized pick-up, making it an efficient and cost effective solution to emergency medicine in the back country.

More Than a Camper Shell

Tufport’s MTC, or mobile treatment center, is more than just a camper shell. It is a fully equipped medical unit that can hold two patients and an attendant to get them as quickly and as safely as possible to a medical facility, or to a medevac helicopter. Time is crucial in any emergency, and by using the four wheel drive truck that you already know will make it over rough terrain, or through icy or snowy conditions, and simply adding the ultra tough Tufport to that same vehicle, you’ve maximized your ability to get the patient help in the most efficient and timely way possible.

Safe in Rollovers

Of course, transporting a patient in critical condition requires pushing even a seasoned truck to its limit, and this increases the risk of accidents on rough backcountry roads. Rollovers are of particular concern. Tufport has anticipated this problem. Enforced with a steel roll cage, and safety glass, the 2014 model meets and exceeds even Canada’s stringent safety regulations in every category.

It’s no secret that Tufport industrial truck canopies are the most popular solution to ambulances in remote places, and the reasons why are clear.


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