While many people know that Tufport creates utility and medical industrial grade truck slide-in units, most people do not know what makes these products so safe and durable.  These units are durable because of the technology that is used to make them, as well as the testing they go through to ensure they can withstand impact, roll over and rough conditions.

Tufport industrial grade truck canopies are created with Fibermold Technology. The technology creates a powerful shell that can withstand accidents as well as fading and osmosis. The technology even allows the units to avoid the normal wear and tear that usually comes with age. That means they last longer than similar products that aren’t designed with their advanced technology.

In addition, Tufport secures doors and windows with stainless steel fasteners and hardware. This strengthens areas that are prone to weakness, providing owners with an extra layer of protection during accidents.

Once the truck slide-in units are crafted, they undergo rigorous testing. For example, Tufport’s Medical Mobile Treatment Center 2014 model underwent 32 tests before hitting the market. Most notable was the side-load compression test. The test showed that Tufport’s model exceeded the toughest requirements in Canada. That means the model can protect patients, even if the vehicle were to flip over during transport.

Tufport products also meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety standards for flammability of interior materials, seat belt assemblies and anchors, occupant restraint systems in frontal impact, and anchorage of seats. Additionally, Tufport industrial grade products meet AMD Standards, Alberta Ambulance Vehicle Standards, Ontario Provincial Land Ambulance Performance Standards, as well as standards for the BC Ambulance Service.

Because of the materials used and rigorous testing, Tufport is able to create strong truck slide-in units that can safely withstand the elements and accidents. They exceed the regulations, making them a solid choice for businesses and individuals. Tufport truck canopies provide a level of safety that consumers will not find with other products.


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