What can replace the peace and quiet you enjoy when you’re out in the wilderness, appreciating the sounds and scenery of the nature that surrounds you? To all nature-lovers and adventurers the answer is simple – nothing.

No matter which wilderness activities you enjoy, there are some common rules that apply to camping. Knowing how to prepare for remote camping will make the trip more fun. If you’re a novice, you might want to take a look at this list of tips that will help you maximize your camping experience.

  • Minimize your gear
  • Carry out your waste
  • Bear proof all food
  • Bring a first aid kit
  • Don’t damage the land, trees and other wildlife
  • For your own safety, always be able to quickly drive away
  • Know how to properly extinguish a campfire
  • Keep your camping discreet and away from private property
  • Choose a safe camping site
  • Don’t get lost (utilize maps and GPS and make sure know how to use them)

Tufport is here to provide you with the experience of “luxury” remote camping with a truck converted to a camper with our custom, industrial slide-in canopies. Our Utility Adventure slide-in units are perfect for transforming your truck into a remote home away from home. Everything you’ll need for a safe and sound night in the wilderness can be found in this slide-in unit. On top of that, a roof rack can carry boats and kayaks, for those who enjoy water sports. If you’re going hunting in a remote place, you’ll need a way of transporting your gear and the Tufport truck camper will be of great assistance.

If you’ve made a check-list, checked off all the items, and you feel ready for the journey, take your truck with your Tufport Utility Adventure slide-in unit, your gear, and have a great time going back to the simple way of life.


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