Transform Your Truck

A versatile slide-in unit would compliment your pickup truck and provide a multitude of uses while providing great satisfaction with your purchase.  You can haul and secure your ATV or snowmobile in a slide-in unit while on adventure trips. Upon arrival at destination, all you need is a foam pad and a sleeping bag to ensure a dry, warm overnight sleep.  Windows and vents will add to your comfort and enjoyment…

When working back on the job, you can haul your work supplies, lumber and cargo directly to your job site; saving on time and freight costs.  Tradesmen, such as plumbers and electricians equip their slide-in units with shelving, racks and bins to organize their tools and parts where they can be found easily, providing an efficient tool box in the field.

Still other uses are moving household goods, landscape supplies or taking the recycling and trash.  Just hose out the slide-in unit and clean-up is a snap.  Your slide-in unit uses are only limited by your thoughts and imagination.

Customize with Accessories

Tufport’s many accessories and add-ons add to this unparallel versatility.  While camping in the slide-in unit, a roof vent, insulation and windows increase visibility and ventilation.  A front sliding window allows access to your rear pick-up truck cab for additional storage and connections to your 12 volt accessory point.

A roof rack can haul small boats or kayaks.  Similarly, a custom ladder rack is a must for contractors and tradesmen.  It can also accommodate longer lengths of lumber or pipe that will not fit inside the unit.

A multi function ladder rack fits the bill nicely.  High strength, powered coasted aluminum. It is bolted on the slide-in unit with stainless steel fasteners; it will do the job years into the future.

Attention to Detail

Tufport also offers a standard single rear door with 32” width, the same as a house door or it can also be outfitted with a 60/40 dual door combination allowing a full 50” rear opening door width for maximum loading capacity.  The options are yours depending upon your particular application.  All Tufport slide-in units come with a stainless steel rounded sill for ease of loading and maximum wear and tear.  Well lubricated stainless steel hinges function flawless as well.  Our paddle hand door lock is very secure and easy to work in all applications.

Having produced over 20,000 units since our inception in 1966, our unique Fibermold Technology is incorporated into the Tufport slide-in units.  Maintenance ensures a Tufport touch slide-in looks good as well as performs above. A sanitary white gelcoat finish is easily cleaned with soap and water. I would recommend that you apply a coat of wax annually to keep the gelcoat in top condition.  The interior can be hosed out if necessary and the stainless steel hardware fasteners and aluminum trim are corrosion resistant.

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