As resource companies explore further and in more remote locations from health care facilities, the need for safety and medical care are more critical than ever.  Helicopter access in and out may be the only option in the beginning, but as the scope of the operations rises, road access is generally provided. These roads are usually rough washboard gravel surfaces.

The most common vehicle used to traverse these roads is a well equipped one ton four wheel drive pickup truck with off road tires. These trucks can also provide a vehicle base for a Mobile Treatment Center, also known as a MTC, an off road ambulance. This is the most reliable and cost effective way to treat and transport injured workers from the bush to a medevac helicopter pad or health care facility, if flying is not possible or required. These molded composite bodies are very durable, hold two patients on stretchers and are loaded with medical equipment.  Instantly available on site they are at the forefront of accident situations.  Similar to a truck camper they can be readily transferred to a new pickup truck if needed.  MTC’s are used in search and rescue, ski resorts and other outdoor activities where accidents can be prevalent.

Get help when and where required with a Tufport MTC.

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