As hunting is usually done in remote areas, transporting your gear and equipment, is very important. Keeping it secure, dry and in a lockable storage, like a slide in unit mounted on your truck is a good idea. A slide-in unit is a great advantage for hauling your wall tent, cooking facilities, food, as well as your bows, guns and ammunition which will arrive at your destination as you loaded it. Dust free and ready for use.

Roof racks allow you to bring a car top boat, canoe for fishing and to aid access to more remote areas. Also useful to retrieve game from across a body of water. You can mount a plywood platform to your roof rack and use it as an elevated platform increase your field of view and also it works great for hauling your game back home. A roof rack makes a handy place to attach a rear or side tarp for shelter in any weather.

With a large capacity interior you can haul and ATV or a couple off road motorcycles or bicycles to expand your hunting range.

A bear proof locking system on the door keep intruders out; while you enjoy a dry, warm and comfortable sleep anywhere you happen to be.

Molded composite slide in units are durable enough to go where ever your truck can transverse… Composite units also increase in strength up to 50% below freezing for those late season hunts.

Use a pickup truck slide in unit for any and all hunting expeditions. Haul a ton of gear and equipment, be self contained and self reliant.

Go alone or with a group. Success be with you in a Tufport slide-in unit.


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