Providing medical treatment at events and remote locations can be challenging.  The latest in transportable medical care are mobile treatment centers.  These industrial fiber mold slide-in units transform a four wheel drive pickup truck into an all terrain ambulance.

  1. “Mobile” Treatment Center (MTC) means it can travel to the exact area of the accident.
  2. Mounted on a full size four wheel drive pickup truck, it can traverse through mud, snow and sand to reach the injured person.
  3. Available at all times 24/7 and can be driven to location by anyone with a drivers licence.
  4. It can operate on any road surface from highways to a dirt road or trail.
  5. Can be well equipped with stretchers, oxygen and a wide variety of lifesaving apparatus.
  6. Has capacity for two basket stretcher or a basket stretcher and a roll cot.
  7. Any person with medical training from a first aid attendant to a paramedic or a doctor can make excellent use of the MTC and its equipment.
  8. Has been extensively tested for safety in use and travelling with patients aboard.
  9. Made from sanitary while gelcoat, it is easy to clean and disinfect which minimizes infection.
  10. Immediate response- “the golden hour” saves lives and minimizes shock.


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