Here in Canada, we’ve got our fair share of remote and tough to reach locations. Traditional hospital ambulances are good for the city, but they’re not really built for uneven or poorly maintained roads. When there’s an emergency in a location that is difficult to reach, the best option is a truck that has been converted with an industrial ambulance canopy. These converted vehicles combine the benefits of a truck for off-road driving with the needs of emergency medical technicians and other first aid responders in the case of an emergency.

Conversions are Inexpensive 

There are still a few concerns that a lot of organizations have about using a converted truck rather than a traditional ambulance. One of those is the cost. For many groups considering first aid options for events or rural locations, buying an ambulance is not really an option. However, the cost of an industrial ambulance canopy fitted to a traditional pick-up truck is more affordable. It’s certainly not a more expensive option, which is the first concern of most potential buyers.

Industrial Ambulance Canopies Offer Comfort 

Another surprise that most people don’t expect from an industrial ambulance canopy is that it can be fitted to accommodate as much as an ambulance. With enough space for three adults and with overhead space in order to stand comfortably, you can really use a converted truck just like a traditional ambulance. This is excellent for mobile medical units needed at events where the space is often used as a recovery area, rather than only for transportation and mobile treatment.

Access to Remote Areas 

Remote access is probably the biggest attraction to industrial ambulance canopies. Being able to safely get out to places where traditional ambulances simply cannot drive is a huge benefit. Plus, industrial canopies are built from super tough fibreglass which offers protection in the case of an accident or roll over. A truck conversion is a great way to ensure safety and transportation of patients from remote incidents and accidents.

In the city, you are still more likely to find a traditional ambulance. But out on dirt roads, at remote events or in places where a first aid station is mandatory, a pickup truck with a mobile medical canopy can do the job better. Especially if it’s been outfitted with a state-of-the-art industrial ambulance canopy. Not only can they act as a mobile first aid station, they are also the best at safely returning injured people to a medical care facility.

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