Fiberglass truck slide-in units are quickly replacing camper shells as the ideal addition to any pick-up truck. They are practical and sturdy, will last and can be customized for different purposes. In fact, because they are so customizable, truck slide-ins are being used for a number of specific uses and are replacing other specialized vehicles. The most common conversions that are possible with a truck slide-in are detailed below, along with the benefits of using a fiberglass slide-in.

Mobile Medical Vehicles 

Medical truck slide-ins can be outfitted with everything you need for an outdoor event or a remote work site. They can serve as a first aide station and an emergency medical vehicle. There can be enough space in the back of a pick-up truck with a fiberglass slide-in that a patient and medical professional can be transported safely. They can also have running water and are incredibly safe in the case of a rollover accident. Plus, a truck is usually better than an ambulance on rough terrain, giving the vehicle and medical team better access to remote locations.

Utility Truck Units

The back of a pick-up truck is usually all that a utility business needs – from plumbers to electricians and contractors. With a high quality fiberglass truck slide-in, the truck can be transformed into a fully functioning workshop, with lots of space and sufficient compartments to keep everything organized and secured.

On an Adventure 

These days you can use a fiberglass truck slide-in to convert a truck into an outdoor adventure vehicle. Functioning like an RV or trailer, but with the power and maneuverability of a pick-up truck, these vehicles are ideal for getting out into the wilderness with everything you need for an outdoor adventure.

The benefits of having a vehicle that drives like a pick-up are obvious, especially when you compare them to the alternative specialized vehicles that have been traditionally used in all of these situations. Fiberglass truck slide-in units give truck owners incredible flexibility as well as practical options for their needs in a variety of arenas.



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