Truck owners benefit from the power, capacity, and practicality of their vehicles, and for the most part, a pick-up truck is ideal for all kinds of hauling jobs. But in areas with harsh winters, weather is also a factor when you’re moving gear and equipment from place to place in the back of your truck. Truck caps and slide-in units that are designed to be integrated right into the structure of a truck can be the ideal upgrade for the majority of trucks on the market.

Practical and Dependable

Not all truck canopies are created equal, of course. There are simple and light weight truck caps that seal out the elements but provide little more. And then there are industrial grade truck canopies, such as industrial slide-in units with their own door set on the back, that turn a pick-up into another vehicle altogether. Medical slide-in units, climate controlled slide-in units and adventure truck canopies are designed to provide very specific benefits for truck owners who have particular desires or business needs.

Benefits of the Best 

For a long term solution, an industrial grade truck slide-in unit can be installed so that it will last for the life of the truck. Many modern conveniences and technological advances have been integrated into the various styles of truck canopies, and this has lead to a boom in the popularity of truck caps in Canada and throughout the United States. With the highest quality truck canopies, you can rest assured that equipment will work well to protect your cargo and that they will be safe and secure.

The best truck slide-in units are not going to be cheap, but this is an investment that is worth making. When you work with a company that installs truck canopies, make sure you’re getting a top of the line product that will actually provide the benefits you need.

Tufport specializes in industrial grade slide-in units for trucks and has dealers throughout Canada and the U.S.

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